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2 Brilliant Ideas for Your Balcony Renovation

Living in the tropical country of Singapore on your HDB flat means you have more opportunities than the ones living in temperate climates to indulge yourself with the beauty of the outdoors. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the Singaporean food-loving culture that makes you want to enjoy the outdoors even more. What better way to do that by dining at a cafe with an alfresco dining.

However, given the circumstances, you may want to enjoy a meal at the comfort of your own home. Therefore, if you have a balcony, it would be wise enough for you to invest in it and make it look greater with a balcony renovation Singapore. If you’ll do it, then you can have an exquisite place to dine in without ripping your wallet to shreds.

If you don’t have any ideas on how to renovate that balcony of yours, here are some ideas that you can freely steal:

Fusing Decking and Artificial Glass

You may be one of those home owners who can’t decide if you should choose a wooden decking or an artificial turf. However, the wonderful thing about this is, you can choose both of them at the same time! If you think that these two materials won’t work, think again! The various colours and textures of wood versus turf actually break up a tiny space and add more visual interest to make the balcony look bigger than it is.

Utilizing “Live” Plants

The smart choice of using larger pots and plants for your balcony makes it come to life. You may not have the luxury of time to take care of these plants; however, if you use big pots, they can be easily maintained. These plants can even withstand the struggles of the cold holidays even if you’re not around your own home.

For your balcony renovation Singapore, the above mentioned are some of the greatest ideas you may want to steal for you to kick start that renovation process.