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3 Essentials to Have Inside Your Luxury Walk In Wardrobe

Whether you admit it or not, having a walk in closet inside the bedroom of your Singaporean home is one of the things you want to have. Imagine having a home for your expensive bags, shoes and jewelries, all clothing is neatly folded in dividers, no socks are misplaced and belts are neatly organized in their rack.

Disregarding the space or even the budget you’re working with, organization is the main ingredient to any luxury walk in wardrobe Singapore. Your clothes, just like you, need to have a home for them to sleep in. Clothes are just like you; they also need an environment where they can be safe and are at home.

To bring in some of the luxurious touch inside your walk in wardrobe, here are some essentials you could incorporate inside:

A Floor to Ceiling Close Space

Imagine having enough closet space to have nearly two inches between every hanging item and having sufficient drawer space that stacks all of your folded clothes; that’s a great way for your closet to be manageable. Therefore, you should always remember that drawers and shelves have different dimensions of their own and it greatly affects how your wardrobe would look like.

Having a Shoe Shelf

Among all the breathtaking views you could see, seeing your pairs of shoes lined up properly is a beautiful sight to behold. Therefore, if you have dozens of shoes, consider placing a shelf specially crafted for your shoes and line them up properly for easier access to the pair you want to wear on special occasions.

A Jewelry and Accessory Station

Your collection of watches, ties, cufflinks, earrings and other accessories should have their own drawers for easier access. That way you wouldn’t have a hard time finding the specific accessory that you need for that special occasion.

Overall, having a luxury walk in wardrobe Singapore could be a tall order. However, if you want to have a home for your clothes, you’ll find ways on how to achieve a luxurious living for your clothes.