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3 Features You Can Add When Doing a Closet Renovation

Don’t settle for a closet that looks like a cross between the laundry room and a bomb shelter. Your clothes deserve to stay in a space that they can be placed neatly and you won’t have problems looking for something to wear. Therefore, if you endlessly plan to have your Singaporean home renovated, don’t forget that your closet also needs a facelift of its own.

If you’re planning for a closet renovation Singapore, maybe you could consider having one of these features to be incorporated inside that space. Maybe these features may make it look like a boutique instead of a closet. Moving on and without any delays, here are some features you may want inside your closet:

A Small China Cabinet

If you just rented that house from the HDB sect of the Singaporean government and can’t make any structural changes, why not try placing a small “China” cabinet for extra storage? This is a great way to store all of your shirts, shoes and even your purses.

A Sitting Spot

When renovating your closet, if you have room that is, you can create a small spot for you to sit down while putting or taking of your shoes. It would be better for you to have a short bench inside your closet to change into your shoes rather than sitting on the floor just to either wear or remove them.

A Chandelier

Nowadays, chandeliers aren’t just located inside the living room or in the dining room anymore. Chandeliers make a great ornament inside your closet. If you have the budget to buy one, then rush out and place a chandelier inside your closet.
These are just some of the features you can add in while doing your closet renovation Singapore plans. It’s entirely up to you on how you plan for the project, do you want to add in these features or not? That choice is in your hands and in yours alone.