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3 Ideas to Consider When Doing a Fireplace Renovation Project

A fireplace is a great feature for every home,  however, if you’ve just moved to a new HDB flat with a fireplace that’s been used, the current state of your health may or may not compliment your style. Indeed, personal tastes and materials change over time, and your fireplace can show signs that it needs some serious renovating.

If you’re now experiencing a warmer climate and have no use for the fireplace, it’s high time that you start with a fireplace renovation Singapore project. During warmer months is the best time to give that chimney of yours a facelift for a better chance of giving you heat in the cold season.

If you’re a bit lost on how to move forward with this, here are a few ideas you may want to consider:

Try Using Stone

If you have a fireplace made from bricks, why not change it and use stone – which is usually pretty straightforward. Stones can be easily attached right over the existing bricks of your fireplace. These panels also are lighter than stone. Using stone adds warmth and a natural beauty to a room; plus, you can also select the color and tone of stones that can complement the rest of your interior design.

Tile on Top

Other than stones, you can also use tiles for your brick fireplace which gives you a lot of selections that can complement your decor. In addition, tiles come in different sizes; you can also use smaller tiles that have the same color family for that variegated look. You can also use large tiles following the same principle as with the smaller tiles.

Granite for a safe fire place

Granite tiles are made to be fire-resistant and give you a way to remodel the look of your fireplace with different colors.

The fireplace is indeed one great home feature that warms you up during the cold season. Therefore, you have to take good care of such by doing fireplace renovation Singapore maintenance from time to time.

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