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Home renovations are a major activity, and should never be done in haphazard fashion. If you’re planning to do one, here are two realities that you need to be aware of –  it may take longer than expected, and it’s likely going to go over budget. To spare yourself the hassle, and headaches, of home renovation, here are 3 items to consider before starting the project.

Have A Clear Picture Of The Timelines

According to Housing Renovation Services Singapore experts, the biggest mistake would-be home renovators make is to not do their homework up front. Remember that small renovation projects such as redoing bathrooms or kitchens may take up to 30 or 60 days of planning. The timeframe also includes the time needed to find a contractor, create a design, and make other decisions.

The home renovator will also need to decide how they want to use the space, choose the right materials, and even comb through design magazines to determine the look they want.

Find The Right Contractor

Finding the right contractor for your home renovation project requires more than asking for a few references. Instead, you should take a closer look at one of the jobs the contractor is currently doing halfway, talk to their clients and find out if the contractor is reasonable to deal with, or has he/she been going over the budget.

It would help too if you go to where contractors shop for their supplies, and ask questions like – does the supplier know the contractor? How often is he buying materials? Does he comply with HBD Singapore policies? By doing so, you’ll know if the contractor has a good, or spotty shopping history.

Determine How Much You Should Expect To Pay

The next step would be to determine how much are you willing to spend for the home renovation project. By determining your budget, you’ll be able to save, and get the right types of materials, as well as find the most seasoned Housing Renovation Services Singapore contractor for your project.


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