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3 Simple Steps on How to Unmount Steelcase Office Partitions

Renting your own flat with the help of the programs of the House & Development Board of the Singaporean Government comes with another package that you’ll expect in the near future. That is the contract expiring and you have the choice of renewing such or venturing out to renting another space and start fresh. However, that’s not really one thing that’s worth worrying.  What’s more worrisome is to move everything out and reinstating the space to the way it was before you came in.

One thing you may be worried about is how to uninstall steelcase office partitions Singapore. If you’re having a hard time removing them, here are some steps for you to follow that will help you remove these partitions:

Step 1

Conduct a careful search for the manual that may have been bundled along with your office partitions. The manual will usually contain all of the instructions you need to complete the uninstallation of these walls. If you’ve lost it and couldn’t find it, you can still take off the partitions although it’ll be a bit more difficult to do.

Step 2

Assemble all the tools that you need to dismantle the partitions. Basically, you will need a head screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver and a wrench. Before starting with this delicate procedure, better make sure that all of the furniture within the partition’s perimeter is removed.

Step 3

For full height partitions, find where the screws holding them together are and use your screwdriver to loosen them up and lift out the panels one at a time. On the other hand, if you have a half height partition, it’s likely that they’ll be simply slipped by slotted into a frame. Simply slide them upwards and unscrew the frames.

One thing you should remember, unmounting a steelcase office partitions Singapore takes a focused mind for the delicate process to be accomplished. Once that’s done, you’re free to move out without having any other problems with the partitions.