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3 Things To Do Before Buying Walk in Wardrobe Fittings

Walk in wardrobes can be converted from a smaller, spare bedroom, or they can be built into the design of your home when you start. However you came to have a space for a walk in wardrobe, know that you’re making a good storage choice. After all, if the closet doesn’t protrude out into the room, you have more floor space for other furniture.

Before you go and purchase, say, walk in wardrobe fittings Singapore, though, you need know what you’ll need to do, a how-to that will teach you how to design the best wardrobe for your needs. So here’s some advice from the experts.

1. Measure.

Guesswork will only take you so far; you might buy too much wood, or too little, whether it’s for the shelves or the display case within said walk in wardrobe. Remember to get height, depth, and width of the room, excluding the space behind the doors.

Measure around windows and permanent fixtures in the wardrobe, too. This way, you know just how big or small an area you have to work with.

2. Assign.

Remember who’ll be using the walk in wardrobe. Having more than one person use it means making space for that person. Display the common elements they have in the middle, for example, then the different articles in their clothing collections to either side. Or divide the wardrobe and display one person’s clothes on each side.

3. Order.

Sure, having the accessories on either side and the trousers, skirts (if applicable) and shirts on the back wall is intuitive. You go straight to the parts of the main outfit, without bothering about what to wear with it until later. Make the flow of the closet one that suits the personality of the one using it, instead. This way, the wardrobe feels more personalised..

Once you have all these details, then you can plan where everything goes. You’ll also then know what walk in wardrobe fittings Singapore you’ll need to buy, for example, when the time comes.