3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Having an Executive Maisonette Renovation Project 2017-05-19T12:41:21+00:00

3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Having an Executive Maisonette

After passing the required documents you need and paying the fee the HDB would charge you, the next thing you want to do to your new maisonette is renovate it. There’s nothing like adding some of your personal touches to the place where you’ll be living in for a long time.

However, before starting an executive maisonette renovation Singapore project, here are some things you, a new HDB flat owner, must know about before initiating a renovation plan:

Open an SP Services Account

Once you’ve earned the keys to your house and paid for your insurance, the next step is open up a utilities account to activate the water and electricity supply for your house. This can be accomplished through the counter located at HDB Toa Payoh Hub. It doesn’t take up too much of your time and the queue is quite short.

Remember the Three-Year Restriction Period on Wall and Floor Finishes Removal in Bathrooms

Before asking your contractor to rip everything apart, remember that the new Build to Order (BTO) flats come complete with wall and floor finishing that has waterproofing membranes incorporated between the cement screed and floor tiles. This is the HDB’s way of ensuring that the water doesn’t leak through your flooring; plus, the tiles come with a three year warranty that’ll become void if you remove it.

However, if you really want it to be removed, your contractor can but they’ll have to let the HDB know about it.

Get only HDB-approved Contractors

Of course, your HDB flat is better renovated with only the best, HDB-approved contractors. They are more familiar with the HDB rules and regulations unlike your regular contractors. Therefore, they have a better chance of assisting you in your renovation plans.

Overall, it’s not really that easy doing an executive maisonette renovation Singapore project. You have to follow the above mentioned for it to be successful; if you do follow these, the project comes out successful.