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3 Tips for Employee Safety During the Office Space Construction Singapore

Are you renting a commercial space for your office and business in Singapore and yet you want to do some alterations to the space? The HBD allows such through the Addition & Alteration (A&A) Works. You just have to follow the guidelines and submit the required documents for you to kick-start those alterations.

As your business matures and expands, your original office space may need some alterations; therefore, you need to turn to a professional to start planning for an office space construction Singapore. However, it practically takes months before completing this task. The one thing you need to do now is consider the safety of your working environment.

Here are safety tips you can follow to prepare your place for the alterations:

Keep an open communication with your workers

It’s important that you keep your employees well informed about the renovations you’re planning to do. Before the construction starts, it’s best to inform all your employees right away. Better that they are informed ahead of time before the alterations get on their way.

Also, start posting signs inside the entire space for your employees to be aware of any potential hazards that may happen, like slippery floors and the overpowering fumes of paint or dust.

Protect your employees from harm

Devise a plan that helps protect your employees from any kind of harm, like any dust or fumes created during the renovation work. Dust and fumes present a great harm to a person’s lungs, especially with people who have asthma.

To avoid this from happening, determine a right ventilation strategy and invest in plastic sheeting and portable electric fans inside your office.

Permit employees to do work from home

If the construction hazards are growing worse by the minute, better start making your employees do their work from home for a while. First, you have to assess the pros and cons of telecommuting and ensure that employees are still doing their jobs at home.

During the process of an office space construction Singapore, you should think of the safety of your employees as well. If they experience harm, they may not get to enjoy the new office space you planned for.

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