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4 DIY Tips and Tricks to An Eco-Friendly Home to Incorporate in Your Construction Showroom

For the longest time, the Housing & Development Board (HBD) of Singapore has brought upon a ton of initiatives and programs to promote sustainability. Besides utilizing innovative designs and new technologies to make public housing more effective, programs likes the Eco-Learning Journey and community gardening encourages people to adapt to a more eco-friendly kind of lifestyle.

Having a sustainable design crafted by the best construction showroom Singapore team partnered with the community embracing eco-friendly living will surely make Singapore a better place. Not just for you, but for the future generations as well – it’s better they live in a clean and safe environment.

For you to have an eco-friendly home here are some DIY tricks you can do to achieve such:

Consider the location

While buying a new property or, in Singapore’s case, renovating the one you already have, you should take note of the following:

  • Avoid building a west-facing home. This will keep your house cool as it limits sun exposure.
  • Avoid getting a house on earthquake, flood or hurricane prone areas.
  • Check if you’re nearby a local grocery shop and that public transportation is easily accessible. This will help you reduce taking out your vehicle all the time.

Consider proper insulation

Insulation is the most crucial detail that shouldn’t be left behind in establishing a green home. Don’t let both the heating and the cooling of your interior space air go to waste through the wrong insulation. Proper insulation will not only reduce energy consumption; but, lower your electric bill as well.

Consider using eco-friendly lighting

If you’re using the traditional incandescent bulbs, this may be the right time for you to make a change and start using either LED or CFL lighting, or maybe a combination of both. They use less energy and they last much longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Carefully planning with your construction showroom Singapore team on an eco-friendly home takes a lot of effort in completing. However, if you’re patient enough and see everything through to the end, you’ll end up in a green home!

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