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Tips for Basement Renovation Singapore

If you are planning to do a Basement renovation in Singapore, make sure that you allocate adequate time fro the renovation.

If you are taking up an apartment renovation that includes the basement, pay attention to the following details.

Most of the basements are really huge and hence it is not a trivial task to get those renovated. If you are living in new home which is modeled professionally, the basement renovation is not going to be a huge deal.

Moreover, the typical basement for most homes are not meant to be used for living space.

But this is not something that should stop you from moving forward but it should be taken as a challenge if you wish to conver the basement into a living space. It is therefore better way that you understand what is needed to renovate a basement so that you can proceed accordingly.

Plan the Exits

It is necessary for the basements to have safer exit routes when there is some kind of emergency. Try to ensure that the exit routes are there in the bedroom areas for sure. Windows in finished basement can provide some amount of light and also can be a great way for escaping if there are any kinds of emergency. It is good for you to check with the building department regarding the requirements of the home.

Stopping Water

It is necessary for you to ensure that there is no leakage into the basement. If there are any leakages then it can actually make things worst in the basement. The best thing that you need to do is to prevent water leakage problem by means of some methods like insulation so that the whole area is out of any moisture. Do not proceed with the renovation activities until the source of the water is found and it is fixed else it can actually ruin the whole area.


It is necessary for you to estimate the height of the basement. In many houses,  basement is not used as living space and so it is really qute shallow. If the height of the basement is very low, then it is better for you to dig down and get a new flooring. so that the basement has adequate height that you think you will need.


It is necessary for you to consider the best method that can be used for draining the waste from the bathroom and toilet that you are going to construct in the basement. There are chances for your waste lines to be above for which proper method should be adopted to beat gravity. Drainage is indeed an important thing to consider in basement renovation Singapore.

Identify Hazards

It is always necessary for you to figure out the hazards so that you can easily find out the best ways to avoid it. There are chances for many of the items to be there in the basement which should be removed if you actually want to live in the place like asbestos and some kind of glues with toxic ingredients in it. You can test things in lab for doing the same.