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Condo Renovation Singapore: Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes To Condo Renovation

Getting your very own Singaporean condominium unit is one of the best achievements you can ever have. Not only did you work hard for the money to buy the unit, but the joys of having your very own space come along with it. The only thing you need to do now is make it your own space by remodeling and renovating it.

Before you start with a condo renovation Singapore project, even if you are only renovating your kitchen, you must first know some of the do’s and don’ts in renovating your unit. You have to know them by heart to avoid any anomalies in the project. To kickstart, here are some of these dos and don’ts:


Do research on the permissible electrical load per unit

There are proper rules and regulations available for construction and permissible electrical load per unit by the admins. Therefore, if you’re planning to add more light switches, another AC Unit or additional outlets, better raise your concerns to the building admin first before doing any of these.

Do know the schedule on how many hours carpenters can work in your unit

There are only a certain number of hours a carpenter can work inside your condo unit. However, there are other condo units that permit carpenters to work on the weekends. Therefore, when doing your renovation project, better ask the owners of the place the schedule on how many hours can they stay in the place.


Don’t change any exterior parts of the unit

You have the power to paint over the walls of your unit; however, the walls and other structures inside your unit should still remain the same. Of course, you’re only renting that unit from the HDB sector; it’s not polite to do some alterations to their walls.

Overall, doing a condo renovation Singapore requires you to remember that you own the place and at the same time you don’t own the place. It may seem confusing, but that’s how the way it works. Although, renovation can give it a personal touch; therefore, give your unit the personal touch that suits your needs!

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