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Curved Staircase Construction Singapore – The Perfect Accent For A Singapore Home

When looking for a simple architectural addition to help add flair to a house, construction of a curved staircase is an excellent choice for any Singapore home.

While most home improvement projects can be complicated, require a huge investment in both planning and money, curved staircase construction in a Singapore home is a simpler choice that can add immediate architectural payoff.

Curved staircases, in particular, are useful for adding a sense of sophistication to a house. A well designed curved staircase can connote the idea of a traditional ballroom, or of stylistic modernity.

Its wide choices of radius make it a great choice for adding a luxurious entryway into a home, or along the interior of a house. The many different design types make configuring it to fit any room very simple.

A curved staircase must be custom built, making it good for tailor fitting into any room of any building. A wide range of material and size option make this an investment that can pay for itself when done right.

Sprial Staircase

Going with a spiral design provides a very tight flight of stairs to ascend on. With its central supporting pole and uniform stairs size, the spiral design adds a contemporary sleekness to any home. Additionally, their compact design makes them ideal for placement in almost any interior space when space is an issue. However it’s often narrow and confined space can make it not ideal for rapid ascending.

Arched Staircase

An arched staircase is a type of curved staircase that adds a level of luxury to any entryway. This style of staircase also provides a nice counterpoint to the generally sharp lines of Singapore building and gives them a traditional style that can stand in good contrast with more contemporary styles. While this style does serve best as an addition in an entryway, it can also be a great choice to tie a ground level and balcony together. Its U shape also make it easy to fit into any architectural plan. This style is the most difficult curved staircase to build.

Circular Staircase

Going with a circular style of curved staircase is a great choice for providing a natural flow to a home. Similar to a spiral design, this style does without the central support pole, giving it a greater traditional flair while keeping the compact diameter and the uniform stair size. Additional its diameter can be constructed more loosely if space allows, giving it a grand presence in any room.

Elliptical Curved Staircase

An elliptical curved staircase comes with a wide range of design choice. With a narrow top and bottom stair size, and a wider middle, this style lends itself well to using several different materials. Additionally choosing to go without railings can make this good choice for a contemporary style.

Construction of a curved staircase can be difficult, making any of these designs a costly addition. However this is a home improvement that shouldn’t be done without, adding an elegance that give any home a greater resale value and artist value. This makes it an investment that is worth the effort.

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