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Folding Office Partitions vs. Open Office – Which Is Better?

Renting a commercial space in Singapore is easy if you carefully follow the procedures that the House & Development Board (HDB) of the country laid down for you. You just have to pass the necessary paperwork and name the price and there you have it!

The next thing you need to do now is plan for renovations to make it look like the place that you’ve always dreamed of. Starting off with your renovation plans, the partitions should be one of your top most priorities. However, you may also wonder if getting folding office partitions Singapore is good or if an open office floor plan is even better.

If you’ve decided to have it open office instead of having partitions, here are some pros and cons of such:

The Pros

Increase in Employee Partnership

Without partitions to separate people, there are no barriers to isolate team members from one another. Thus, removing the partitions mean that collaborative conversations, brainstorming and idea-sharing can flow easily.

Fits More People into Limited Space

If your staff overpowers the amount of space you have, an open office is a perfect way to densify your layout. With various configuration schemes available, new seating arrangements can make more effective utilization of the space without having to install partitions.

The Con

A Decrease in Privacy

For some, privacy is a major concern when it comes to the floor plan, and it isn’t simply because they want to surf the net instead of work. Research proves that open office floor plans do increase partnership within your team of employees; however, open spaces tend to make them feel exposed thus creating anxiety about their every move being watched.

Overall, it’s completely up to you what you want to do inside your space. Do you want to have it open space with everything out in the blue or do you want to have folding office partitions Singapore inside of your office? Whatever you choose, the aftermath is imminent on the choice you make, so better choose carefully.

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