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From Mock Up Room to Actual Structure – Tips to Remember

Construction and renovation is usually a straightforward process. The owner either hires a team from a previous project, or hires an entirely new one based on their bid for the same project. Owners will usually choose the bid that is the lowest, since cost is one of the bigger issues.

However, once the project begins, various elements may affect the overall cost. One of these is changes to the idea for the structure after, say, a mock up room Singapore is constructed. The notion behind such a thing happening is that the project should cater to the owner’s expectations. While that is indeed important, it shouldn’t be the only indication of success in a project.

Overall, a mock up is:

  • A way for contractors to show owners their ideas for one project or another, be it construction, renovation, or simply a re-styling of a room. It should have been done by whoever will be working on the actual project to ensure they can repeat the process later.
  • A kind of quality assurance. If possible, most of the material must match the ones used in the actual project. The owner will want to see the colours match, that the flooring is sound, and that fixtures will fit in the space.

However, a mock up is not a subjective tool. When bids are first put out for the project, the prices will all vary because different contractors have different ideas on what will work and what won’t. Owners, too, will have differing ideas, because they’re looking at the design or the room or structure as well.

For example, you don’t want the roof to leak, but you want the material in the mock up’s ceiling  changed to a different one for the actual construction. The second material may not be as hard-wearing as the first one and may lead to leaks, even with waterproofing.

Owner or client satisfaction is subjective so it’s more difficult to calculate cost based on this, but that doesn’t mean it will be disregarded. All the elements need to work together from an architectural or a design point of view, too, however. So it’ll help to keep this in mind the next time you look at a mock up room Singapore.

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