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From Movable Office Partitions to Accordion Walls – Make Your Choice

Many businesses around the globe use partitions in their offices in some way, in order for employees to have their own private space where needed. Opting for partitioning, rather than concrete walls that are permanent, has long been a standard of convenience. Now, however, they’re a serious option for any business.

Whether you choose glass partitions, for example, or portable or movable office partitions Singapore, it should be based on what your office needs at the time. Here are a few of the types and their benefits.

  1. Glass partitions. Usually made of an aluminium frame and glass, such office partitions may come with Venetian blinds to ensure privacy. The use of glass allows light to freely enter the enclosed workspace. They typically come in full height (floor to ceiling) or half-height panels.
  2. You’ll see a lot of these ‘half eight’ partitions, which consist of four walls plus a detachable desk. The fourth wall is usually half the width of the other three, to permit entrance. These are easily moved around, and they don’t completely isolate the employee for their colleagues.
  3. Floor-to-ceiling partitions. Also called ‘full-height’ partitions, they consist of a frame (usually metal) that has been covered with thick cloth, or some other similar lightweight material. Like cubicles, they can be removed and are easily rearranged elsewhere.
  4. Accordion walls. So called because of the hinged panels, such partition types aren’t just easily moved, but are more versatile when compared to cubicles, glass or full-height partitions. That’s because they provide full coverage, and the shape of the enclosure depends entirely on your or the employee’s preference.
  5. Portable partitions. The main difference between these and other partitioning types is that these movable office partitions Singapore usually have small wheels or rollers attached. This makes them much easier, comparatively, to move about when needed. While not as private as the other options, they’re the perfect solution for temporarily blocking off a space.
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