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Garage Renovation Costs in Singapore: Factors That Determine Garage Renovation Costs in Singapore

The first step in estimating or planning garage renovation costs in Singapore is choosing what you want the garage to be or look after the renovation.

If you want the garage to be a new room, you will probably require extensive modifications but be prepared to spend more. Unlike other rooms in a house, garages are usually large and can be easily transformed into a living space.

Since garages have established foundations and walls, they can be renovated to rooms for home office, home cinema, or rooms for grown-up children staying at home.

If you still want it to remain a garage, the renovation will be easy and will cost less.

Estimating Garage Renovation Costs

There is no fixed of cost of renovating a garage. The costs depend on a number of factors such as the materials to be used in the renovation. It is, however, important to undertake an extensive research about some favorable quotes from the local contractors. The following are some of the factors that determine the cost of renovating a garage:

  • The type and amount of material to be purchased
  • The size of the garage
  • The design or style of the interior
  • The height of the garage
  • Reputation and experience of the contractor you hire
  • How detailed the renovation plan is or the alterations that need to be made

Another crucial factor depends on your locality. There are areas in Singapore where contractors are easily available and the cost of renovation can be incredibly low.

Structural Changes

In most cases, garage renovations do not require any significant structural changes. The addition of doors and windows are just some of the major additions that help increase ventilation and lighting to the garage. For a garage that needs doors and windows, one may have to add reinforcements to the walls. The cost of garage doors in Singapore, for example, depends on the material and design. When compounded with labor, the costs can rise to between $300 and $1000.

Some garages are relatively short and may require height adjustment. Raising the walls and the roofs can incredibly raise the renovation costs. Also, the area of a garage is a factor to consider during renovations. You should, however, expect a large garage that fits two or three cars to cost more than a single-car garage.

Garage renovation cost Singapore is also dependent on the alterations to be made on the water lines and electrical sockets. In adding a single electrical socket, for example, it should cost less than $100. You should, however, be prepared to spend about $1000 or more for complete rewiring.

Long-term Costs of Garage Renovation

In the same as other parts of a home, the garage needs some lighting and heating. The two components increase the long-term expenses, and it is, therefore, important to have them done in the right way. To reduce the costs, ensure that the appropriate windows are fitted and lighting is done using energy efficient lights. If the renovation is appropriately done, the costs of running the garage should not be a cause for worry.