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Guide for glass window installation Singapore

Glass window installation is very easy to do and offer building owner with windows that provide style and privacy.

One way of installing glass window is to include a plastic tracking to the perimeter of the opening window.

The block in the glass window must be laid in the corner at the bottom of the window with plastic areas kept between the blocks to place it in the right area. The glass blocks must be sealed by using silicone sealer prior to eliminating additional silicone with a putty knife. You can seal on two sides of the window by using latex caulk.

Measure the area:

Spaces where privacy is needed like bathroom also take advantage from glass window fitting. There are different kinds of glass block styles found in the market that are made to distort an exterior sider’s view of the room.

You can also keep pure glass blocks with the pattern ones to mix privacy with a view of the exterior side. To start the work of installing a glass window, measure carefully the window opening. Plastic tracking should be kept in the window opening to keep the blocks. It is important to drill holes to connect it to the window opening.

Prior to drilling the holes in the tracking, mark the place with a pencil to make sure that they are in the correct location. All glass window block fitting tasks should start by keeping a block at the corner of the window opening. A plastic piece must be kept near it prior another block is included. The plastic also holds the blocks collectively and ensure they do not touch one another.

Time and patience:

When the row of blocks has been placed well, keep a big piece of plastic by giving space on the top of the blocks row. The similar treatment must be done till the blocks are placed. If the glass window installation is finished, the blocks should be sealed. This method is attained by using silicone sealer.

The sealer must be applied horizontally. When putting the sealer vertically, avoid application in horizontal lines. It is essential to prevent applying more sealer.

A putty knife must be used to smooth the sealer. The extra silicone must be cleaned by a wet cloth. Then you have to apply latex caulk if the inside and outside of the window frame are being sealed. Good installation of glass window must result in years of privacy in all the rooms by not considering about the process was done in that room. Installing a glass window is not tough , it needs time and patience.

Get reference:

Prior the process can taken place, the one glass pane should be removed. When removing the existing glass pane, it s necessary to avail safe handling tricks because glass can be sharp. Using duct tape to hold collectively will be useful even if it is broken. After removing the glazing putty, the glass will be loose to take it from the window. It is good to wait one week prior painting the window frame. It will ensure that the compound has set effectively. You can use any books or online websites to get reference.