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HDB 5 Room Renovation Singapore: Some guidelines to help transform your home

Performing HDB 5 Room Renovation Singapore will not be an easy business without some planning.

This is a large project that has many details and they all need to come together in the end. The owners are usually not prepared for these major projects. For this reason, their remodel usually ends up spending more money while suffering from lower quality.

It is natural that you want your flat to be comfortable and express your own personality. This can be a bit of a challenge in a HDB flat as you and hundreds of your neighbors to share the same floor plan.

Here are some simple HDB 5 Room Renovation Singapore tips to help you create a space for exciting personal life.


Pale pastels, light nonpartisan earth tones and whites are the best colors for for small apartments. Dark colors make room seem more claustrophobic and discouraging, while light colors advance, breezy open air. Consider using light green or savvy as a part of rooms and kitchens to supplement living wood furniture and light blue in a room to promote restful sleep.


Any small flat will benefit by the expansion of multi-functional furniture. To abstain from making your condo feel messed, pick furniture that consolidates capacities – for instance, a bed with incorporated drawers under the chassis, or an end table with implicit racks with built-in shelves.

Go vertical whenever it is possible. Add top shelves on the walls as opposed to using huge piece of furniture, and hang from great works of art to attract attention and provide an expensive feeling.


Use some bold contrast to express your multifaceted personality. Add some bright color with cushions, or a piece of painted furniture in bright colors. Horizontal stripes or some touches of large floral or graphic patterns bring a sense of space, a contemporary room.

Create this eclectic feel with contrasting styles as well. Increase the personality of the quotient of a room with an antique piece amid contemporary design or line an old chair with a fabric printing updated.


To build a sense of space throughout the apartment, keep floors clear. This implies avoid overexploitation of rugs, making use of floating shelves or integrated however much as could reasonably be expected and picking floor covers that match or supplement the colors of the walls.

Choosing a renovation contractor

An effective renovation contractor is a must for the successful apartment renovation. According to renovation experts, it is always good to have a clear plan of action to achieve the right end. Therefore, it is extremely important to be familiar with the basic requirements well in advance while opting for the contractor for flat renovation.

The appropriate approach to figure out the best renovation contractor for your apartment is to seek advice by recommending authentic sources such as your parents, friends, neighbors, etc. In addition, it is extremely important to tell the measurement and budget your project time completion of the expert to your apartment. Apart from seeking advice from friends and family, you can ask for valuable tips from various billboards and hardware stores. This will help you make the final decision.

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