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Renovation Costs:
A Breakdown

If the average cost of completely renovating a 1,000 sq ft four-room HDB flat is S$50,000. Here’s a more detailed room-by-room breakdown of that estimate, based on medium-range appliances, accessories, furniture and features:

Needless to say, the age of your home will affect the cost of the full renovation. Apartments or houses older than a decade may need to have their electrical wiring and plumbing repaired or replaced, both of which involve hacking into the walls and/or floors to access them. The large the space, the higher the cost involved due to the greater complexity of the job.

The basic renovation cost – hacking, electrical/plumbing infrastructure, basic flooring and carpentry – accounts for S$25,000-S$30,000 of the total cost, or S$25-S$30 per sq ft.

If you find a good home package for your HDB flat, that cost can be shaved down to under S$20,000, or less than S$20 per sq ft.

Office and commercial packages are also available from contractors and IDs direct from time to time, and you’ll find more promotion packages during expos/trade fairs.

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If you’re going for marble, expect to spend S$10-S$15 per sq ft, or up to S$20 per sq ft if you’re thinking of posh granite for your living room. The workmanship for such high-end tiles will go as high as S$10 per sq ft.

Parquet for the bedrooms ranges from S$7 to S$15 per sq ft.

Working with the simple homogenous or ceramic is far more affordable, from S$3 to S$12 per sq ft, with the labour cost ranging from S$3 to S$7 per sq ft. By a simple calculation, basic tiles and simple workmanship for the entire 1,000 sq ft apartment will set you back only S$6,000.


Hacking of a 5-foot wall of average thickness, typical of a HDB flat, would cost S$300. That’s working on an estimate of S$50 per foot run, but not including haulage and clearing of debris.

Remember to check with the contractor if his estimate includes this hidden cost.

Knocking down multiple walls in a renovation project will set you back S$3,000 on average.

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