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People have been designing the inside of buildings for a long time, but only recently did such an activity have a professional title – that of “interior designer” – attached to it. It began as something limited only to a fair few who wanted to give their homes a “better look and feel”. It isn’t just structures yet to be built, but even those already standing that benefit from interior design.

Even with the practice having grown to encompass commercial spaces, it’s possible to renovate the inside of a building so it has the desired effect on the people living or working inside it. Interior design commercial projects Singapore ensures that the space combines both form and function.

Even with that, there are certain factors interior designers take into account, no matter the project. Such as:


You don’t want to walk into a building wondering if the ceiling will fall, or if a sudden storm will cause leaks. As much as possible, interior designers make sure their designs can adequately protect the occupants, whether from natural or man-made hazards.

For instance, sturdy window casings are used to ensure glass panes won’t be blown in or out. The appropriate flooring will be chosen to make sure employees don’t slip and hurt themselves.


It’s taxing to work in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable in some way. That’s why interior design seeks to have enough space between workstations, for instance. Ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning is part and parcel of this. Some designs enable employees to adjust these three based on personal and group comfort levels.


Whether the structure is already standing, or it has yet to be built, interior designers need to make the most of the space, and use elements like bright colours or mirrors to make the space look bigger. Conversely, a space may be made to feel more cosy – not cramped – with the use of plush fabric, dark woods, or else dark colours.

This ties in with the above point on comfort, because a cramped space, or one that’s too spacious that each employee feels isolated in some way, can have an adverse effect. It’s up to the interior designer to find that delicate balance needed in all interior design commercial projects Singapore.