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Coming up with the look is the fun part – at least for the most part – as you get to let your imagination run wild.

If you’re more a functionalist than the creative sort, you might want to consider signing up for an interior design service – unless you’re really happy with fluorescent lights hidden behind white cornices in your living room you’ll find in so many homes in Singapore.

Even if you fancy yourself a hipster up to speed with the latest design trends, you don’t want to end up with a mishmash of mixed-up styles.

You’re still going to have to guide the interior designer, but a good one can help with his or her experience.

Regardless of your taste, most new homeowners tend to overlook the functionality of their spaces during the planning stage. A competent ID will help spot the oversights, a poor one won’t challenge speak up to warn you of potential problems that may arise down the road.

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Here are a few points to bear in mind:


For many seasoned renovators, the bathrooms are the first rooms penciled in on blueprints. For one of our partners who gave his apartment a complete overhaul, the positioning of the four bathrooms he wanted determined the entire floor plan.

Check where the water supply lines and sewage points are first before planning for bathrooms, as well as the capacity of your water heater. The bigger the home, the more important this step is, and doubly so if you own a landed property.

You can get a quick on-site assessment of whether our water lines can cope with the additions by bringing a contractor to your home, before signing on any dotted line, or you can check in with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

If you’re a landed property owner and plan on adding a new floor, much less new rooms, make sure the electrical wiring in your home will be able to keep up with the new demands – once again, a contractor will be able to help with an assessment, or call in an electrician.

If the wiring is old (over 10 years, as a rule of thumb) don’t give up the opportunity to upgrade it rather than be forced to hack into the walls with a couple of years of the renovation.

Unless you’re expanding your kitchen and adding more appliances, such as an outdoor barbeque, your gas lines and metre should stand up to the new demands.

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If your home is near a major roadway – or you plan on all-weekend karaoke sessions and don’t want to make an enemy of your neighbour – look into soundproofing your home.

That fountain on the balcony may have been soothing in your friend’s living room when you visited him last Chinese New Year, but think about whether you’ll be able to live with it around the clock.

Unlike small, manageable water features, a decorative waterfall will require dedicated piping in the walls, and if it’s drawing a lot of water, that constant gush will be heard through the walls if you’re saving with plastic pipes.

Ditto for sewage pipes serving second-floor bathrooms – think about where you place them, or upgrade to cast iron pipes.

Similarly, seriously consider quiet exhaust fans for your bathroom or kitchen if you want your home to be a tranquil sanctuary or you’re a light sleeper.

RenoDeStyle Room Renovation


Think ahead of where you’d like your home to be in five or 10 years, and factor that into your planning. If you foresee yourself working from home more down the road, you don’t have to build that study now but you could earmark a room for it, or a corner of the living room, for instance, for a workstation.

Planning on having a kid or having another? Plan for a nursery or a bigger bedroom for the siblings, but also plan for their changing needs.

If you have pre-teens, and can afford the space, they’ll soon be asking for their own rooms. If your teenager is approaching adulthood and about to move out, you’ve got a study right there when they do leave the nest.

One homeowner got a permanent ceiling-mounted baby bouncer installed, when his son was approaching his fourth birthday. A year after the renovation, it was hardly used.

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