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Concrete Staircase Construction Singapore: Key Parts of Planning a Concrete Staircase Construction in Singapore

While the process of concrete staircase construction in Singapore can be important and sensible to see, it is also a process that has to be carefully organized. That is, it needs to be planned to where it will be easier for a staircase to be built within very specific standards that a client has. This is especially crucial when trying to create a professional-looking staircase for business purposes.

A good planning process for the construction of a staircase will typically entail the use of a wooden base. This base can be used with plywood materials to create a support setup for the concrete staircase. This can go over the foundation and will create a more sensible look.

As easy as it can be to create a good staircase that fits in with particular standards, it is especially important to take a closer look at how a staircase is to be planned. There are many key standards that have to be followed in order to make a staircase look its best.

How Much of an Overhang?

An overhang may work on each individual step to create a little bit of extra coverage on each one. An overhang can entail a small surface that is covering a small part of each step. In many cases an overhang will entail about 1/8 or ¼ of an inch of added material hanging over the edge of each step. This is a small accent but it can add to the detail of a staircase.

What About Turns?

Sometimes a concrete staircase can be long enough to where it can turn from one direction to the next. A staircase in this instance can be built with a longer step that is several feet in length and will allow for a person to turn to another direction to keep going up or down the staircase.

This is perfect for when a staircase needs to look more appealing and detailed but it can also be critical for cases where there is not enough room for a staircase to go straight all the way. Turns can especially work in tight sections of Singapore’s many business districts where space may be at a premium.

How About Rails?

A good rail can be added to a staircase but it must be planned before construction can begin. A rail can be placed in the middle part of a staircase provided that the staircase itself is wide enough to handle two lanes of people. Of course, rails can also be added at the ends to create a bit of protection and to give people something to hold onto when climbing up and down different surfaces.

Don’t Forget Budget

The last part of planning a project for concrete staircase construction in Singapore is to take a closer look at one’s budget. A staircase will clearly cost more if it is larger and more intricate. Any client, particularly a business-related one, must make sure a staircase is planned well enough to where the right size is designed and is ready to work.

If anything, a concrete staircase can mean a world of difference to any building site in Singapore. It just needs to be planned carefully so it will look its best.

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