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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation: 3 Tips to Consider for a Stress-Free Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Can having the kitchen or bath of your dreams bring chaos and disaster to your life? As a matter of fact, and believe it or not, it can. Things that go creak (can sometimes crash and boom) in the night and limited access to the facilities you’re accustomed to – running water and functioning appliances for example – can get to anyone.

While you can’t escape the stress that is tied along with the kitchen and bathroom renovation Singapore, you can plan for a less stressful one. Planning a less stressful and anxiety-free renovation can go a long way inside your Singaporean home.

For a stress-free renovation plan, here are some tips that you can follow:

Be realistic

If you want to have a fancy bathroom or an elegant kitchen, be realistic and voice them out to your contractor. It’ll be difficult for you to adjust to your new home if you don’t like the new layout of your home and you may spend more than what you’ve originally hoped for. Therefore, if you don’t want the truth to be silenced forever, speak up now and lay down your ideas to the contractor.

Formulate a budget for the project

Total everything that you need for the project plus 10 percent of the total cost – this is usually used in case an emergency occurs in the project. The reason you need to have this laid down is to avoid guessing the price of the materials that you need.

Be realistic about waiting times

The supplies that you’ve ordered may take a while to arrive at your doorstep; stock cabinetry can take more than a month or two to arrive while the custom ones usually take longer to arrive. Therefore, you should ask your supplier for the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of your product. This way you’ll know when it’ll arrive and renovation work will not be jeopardized.

Planning a kitchen and bathroom renovation Singapore can lead to a stressful environment. However, if you carefully plan all the details that you need, everything will go on smoothly.

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