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Tips for Loft Renovation Singapore

Cost of living in Singapore is on an increase these days. Everyday price of every article and service is increasing day by day.

Purchasing a new home or constructing a new home is both quite difficult these days. So the best way of saving costs is converting the attic of an old house into a living room. In many old houses, there will be a very large space in attic. It is better to go for such an attic and convert it into living rooms.

Here are some important things that anybody who wants to convert his loft into living room has to remember. Loft Renovation Singapore is world’s best company to do this job.

Some important things that should be dealt with before converting a house attic into a living room are:

  • height of roof of house,
  • type of roofing of home,
  • any impediment in roof like house water tank pipes, chimneys of fireplaces etc.

Inspect the roof properly before starting your plan. This inspection also involves several other things like dimensions of roof, material used for making roof etc.

Height of roof is also very important thing which should be kept in mind while converting attic into living room. If it is too low, it is necessary to heighten it at first. Very low roofs would be of no use as it is impossible for anyone to stand there properly. If roof is made of clay tiles, it is very easy to heighten them, but if they are made of concrete materials or slate materials, it is quite difficult to achieve this process.

There are many structures of roofs that should be considered before making roofs. Design of skeleton of roofs is very important to consider before converting them into living rooms. Besides that, ensure that attic is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people if necessary. They can be converted into a dining room, drawing room or a kitchen or anything like that. If you are giving rooms for rent, lot more care must be taken about their design as there is a need for making them suitable for someone else.

If your roof is too low and attic has insufficient space inside, there are two solutions for this problem. The first solution is heightening the roof of attic. It is not very easy.

As it has already been said earlier, it is quite difficult to raise them above if they are made of hard materials like slate, concrete etc. so it requires a lot of preparation to achieve this process. Second method is lowering roof of home (or floor of attic) itself. It is even more difficult, but somewhat it can be easier, if attic floor is made of some low quality material.

But such low quality material might be sufficient to keep unwanted things, but it might not be sufficient for converting it into living rooms. So reconsider everything and make your attic a better place to live.

By making a proper plan, you can convert your attic into a very good living room. So Loft Renovation Singapore is a quite cheaper and easier process.