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Mobile Office Partitions – 5 Perks of Having Movable Walls Inside Your HDB Flat

When your contract for your rented office flat from the HDB Singaporean government expires, it’s then inevitable that you have to choose to renew your contract or move out and find a new office space. Just like the inevitable, change is another force that never stops its function in this world.

In this world where everything happens inevitably and change being constant, having a mobile office partitions Singapore system should be your choice of layout. When it’s time to move out, they can easily be demounted and moved to your new space. That’s just one of the top benefit you’ll gain, here are the rest:


In having mobile partitions, there’s no need for you to hire a small military force consisting of contractors to do the framing, wiring, etc. All of the components are built directly into the separate wall sections.

Distractions Are Lessened

Unlike conventional construction methods, movable partition configuration produces no dust and they require a minimal utilization of power tools.

Paint Fumes Are Eliminated

Each wall component comes with its own final color scheme, which can be preselected upon choosing a partition. Therefore, you don’t need to paint over them and this helps you avoid inhaling some of those paint fumes.


A single mobile partition contains about 95% components made from recyclable materials, making them Earth-friendly materials and help play your part in conserving the beauty of Mother Nature.

Highly Flexible

Mobile wall partitioning can be configured at virtually any form that would fit your own personal taste. You can even create a new room inside the office for a while and break it down and return it to its original space afterwards.

Having mobile office partitions Singapore inside your HDB flat is helpful for the inevitable event of moving out of the space. You have to embrace the fact that you’ll have to leave that space one day and welcome change by moving to another space in the future.

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