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Mock Up Construction – 3 Important Questions to Ask A Contractor

When planning any construction or renovation project, there are a lot of factors to consider. Foremost in any project owner’s mind are the quality, the schedule, and – of course – the cost. The ones hired for the project are typically chosen with these in mind.

One of the many ways a contractor will ensure the project is done right and on time is mock up construction Singapore. Mock ups are used to give project owners a clearer picture of the proposed structure or renovation, so that any changes needed won’t delay actual construction. This leads to cost savings, since the contractor can then avoid re-working the structure.

If you’re planning renovation of a flat, or construction of one in the future, you’ll want to maximise the value of the mock ups – and therefore make the most of your money and time. Here are a few questions to ask your chosen contractor when that time comes.

  1. How do you know which type of mock up is right for the project? There are three common types – stand-alone, in-place, and virtual mock ups. The best contractors have experience with all three. They should then be able to tell you why one type or another is perfect for your project at different stages.
  2. How will you use these mock ups? This question is more of a follow-up to the first, and will give you a better idea on the contractor’s experience. It will also tell you a little bit on how they plan to meet your project’s quality goals. Having different teams take care of mock ups and the actual construction means a difference in quality.
  3. What does your process entail? Experienced contractors who are as concerned with quality as the project owners will be able to give a succinct outline of their general process. This is true with mock ups as well. A thorough contractor will typically plan and complete the mock up, then test it. From there, they’ll want to resolve any issues found.

After mock up construction Singapore, all that’s left is to repeat the steps in the field, using the actual materials for the project.

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