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Office Renovation Cost Singapore

Renovating your office will likely be your business’ biggest expense, ever. You’ll have to get it right on the first try, and a busted budget is out of the question, especially if you’re not the business owner and have a board of directors watching your every move.

No pressure, really.


The office renovation costs are higher than what you’re used to as a homeowner. A mid-range office refurbishment will cost an estimated $65 per sq ft.

The first step should be to determine why you or your bosses have decided to renovate. Knowing the why driving the office renovation will make clear the what you’re going to have to do.

It could be because space is running out, or a need to upgrade in order to impress bigger clients as the business expands. And you should think about where you see your business in five years to avoid being forced into another office renovation in just two.

A few common reasons for an office reno:

  • Upgrade: If your business is ready for promotion to the next league up, having no meeting room or a tiny reception won’t do.
  • Productivity: To improve workflow or keep staff happy in the space they spend nine hours of their weekdays in. A happy office also sends a powerful signal to potential clients.
    Health and safety: Old offices may not just kill productivity, they may be fire and health hazards which – if you’re lucky, you’ll only have a fine to deal with.
  • Expansion: More hires as the business grows, or new staff moving in as a result of a merger, will need more than an upgrade but a reorganisation of the floor.
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