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Office Partition Installation Basics For Beginners

One of the best ways to maximize office space, reduce distractions and increase productivity and efficiency, is to install office partitions. In general, partitions, are also called modular room dividers, and allow for the efficient use of space in a given area.

Office partitions are also designed to achieve high performance space division, and create a good impression upon clients, as well comply with fire, acoustic and other building requirements or codes. If you’re a beginner, don’t fret – here’s a look at simple do-it-yourself office partition installation Singapore.

The Tools Needed For Installation

For safe and efficient office partition installation, you’ll require the following items – sandpaper, saw, screwdriver, screws, strips of wood, and a tape measure. You’ll also need sheets of plywood. The number will depend on the area where you wish to install the partitions.

Installation Basics

To install simple office partitions, first measure the space where you want the partition. Cut at least five strips of wood to the height you want the partition, and use four of these to create a square frame, then attach the fifth horizontally across the frame to add strength to the partition. Fasten with screws.

Sandwich this frame between your two sheets of plywood, making sure that the edges line up. Next, fasten one side at a time using screws. Finish the partition by sanding down any rough edges, and felt or other similar material if desired. Create as many partitions in this fashion, depending on your requirements.

Once you’ve constructed all the partitions you require, you’ll need to fix them in place. This can be to the floor, to the wall, or even to another partition. If they’re tall enough, you can fix them to the ceiling, too.

According to office partition installation Singapore experts, you’ll want to space the screws at least a foot apart, to ensure that they’re safely secured.

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