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Renovating on a shoestring budget, in Singapore? It’s no myth.

Renovating a home in Singapore costs more than double than what it would in Australia.

Singaporeans spent S$50,000 on average to give a four-room HDB flat (about 1,000 sq ft, in size) a complete home renovation. Over in Sydney, the cost to remodel a home of the same floor space is under S$20,000, according to estimates by tradesmen services there.

Basic renovation work – which entails hacking, electrical/plumbing infrastructure, basic flooring and carpentry – accounts for about S$25,000-S$30,000, according to contractors we spoke with.

Budget bathroom and electrical fittings, lighting, appliances and furnishings account for the rest of the estimate of renovations carried out over the past year.

You can get the basic reno work done for S$20,000 or less with a package – we’ve compiled a list of some of the most reasonable deals on the market currently.

You could also keep an eye out for interior designers’ ads or hit the trade fairs. The year-end My Home renovation and furniture expo is one of the biggest; check the Singapore Expo’s event calendar for other trade fairs, and mark them down.

Packages, naturally, come bundled with interior design services, but you could possible to find one with minimal ID commitments. Shop around the expos, negotiate, and be decent about it.

You’ll also find more on saving more on your fittings, appliances and furniture in our next section.

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Most contractors in Singapore are basically honest tradesmen. Thanks to a few bad apples, such a statement might surprise some.

We’ve happily learnt over the years that the overwhelming majority of contractors here are decent folk who aim to do a good job with the work they’re paid to do.

Of course, it’s still business and you should keep your wits about you, but things often go south when homeowners go into negotiations with the approach that everyone’s out-to cheat them.

Even after a deal is struck, they’ll badger the contractor in an effort to chisel out further savings.

When approaching a contractor, especially at an expo, be upfront about your budget, and clear about your approach, and remember that there’s nothing wrong with renovating in stages. You wouldn’t put a ring on her finger on the first date, so why would you sign up for a S$70,000 package after just one meeting.

With the right approach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that many contractors will be willing to work with a fair homeowner who could become a long-term customer.

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