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Project Description

Staircase Construction Singapore:

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We provide staircase construction Singapore services as part of our complete residential renovation services. We also offer retail space and offices makeover.

Do you need staircases in your home to reflect your tastes and characters?

Are you not able to decide on what type of staircase you should have in your house?

We can help you to achieve all this and much more.

You don’t have to worry about how the staircase can be designed. We help you to design the staircase to match with the rest of your home’s design. We don’t consider staircases as just vertical links, but as extensions of the design pattern of the entire house. We assist you to choose the correct material for the stairs.

You can set your apprehensions aside on how your staircase would match the rest of the house. We are experts in constructing staircases for all styles of homes in Singapore, be it vintage or modern or compact. While in a minimalistic setting, a staircase can be constructed using clear materials like metal and stainless steel a compact space should make use of bright and light material staircases. To know more about the materials to use in staircase construction Singapore, feel free to contact us today.

Misplaced staircases can bring down the look of the home drastically. We realize that a staircase can utilize a lot of your precious space. We work closely with your interior designer to build stairs that work best for you. It should be placed such that it gets good lighting and ventilation. It is also important that people should be able to use it conveniently, without any hassles.

The stairs should be placed in such a way that it utilizes the least space and still serves its functions with maximum efficiency. Functionality of the staircase can be enhanced by designing it in such a way to allow more light and air to flow without blocks. We are specialists in construction of unconventional staircases like ones with storage boxes as steps or level or slanted shelves to maximize space utilization. Any such saved space can be used for storage or display purposes.

We realize that the purpose of the staircase will fully be served only when people use it. Open style staircases without railings look great. But such staircases are of no use when there are children or elderly folks in your family. We take great care to ensure that the staircase construction details align with the occupants of the home.

We always comply with all the regulations prescribed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. We know that proper landings should be placed to break falls or provide a place for rest while climbing. We construct stairs with sufficient headroom to avoid any injury. We ensure that their width and rise and the height of the handrails are as per the BCA guidelines. In short, we follow staircase construction processes that are fully compliant with the regulations of Singapore.

We help people in Singapore to revamp their HDB, landed or condominium properties without hassles. We assist businesses in renovating their office and retail spaces to enhance their brand images. Contact us today to let us help you.