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Renovation Promotion Singapore

Renovation promotion packages are a good place to start your planning, especially if you’re a first-timer who doesn’t know where to start.

Just be careful to check exactly what’s in the package what’s not included.

Sales are happy hunting grounds for savvy Singaporeans – seasoned shoppers especially – but those who have no clue about the real costs could end up being the prey.

If you’ve done your homework and familiarised yourself with the basic costs, there’s no reason to worry.

The cost of a basic renovation package for a resale 4-room HDB flat averages S$25,000 to S$30,000, depending on how fancy you want to be. This covers hacking of walls, electrical/plumbing infrastructure, basic flooring and carpentry (simple kitchen cabinets, for instance).

What the basic packages typically DO NOT include are the bathroom and electrical fittings, lighting, appliances and furnishings, curtains and grilles, as well as miscellaneous costs (like moving).

Assuming you go with budget fittings, and choose not to hire an interior designer, that’s an additional S$25,000 on top of the basic renovation work.

Make sure you check what the package includes.

Now that you know what to look out for and what you’re paying for, you’re in a position to save by getting a package to cover the exact renovation work that you need done.

Remember that taking a renovation promotion package doesn’t mean that you’re bonded to hiring the interior designer or to continue working with the same contractor for the rest of the renovation.

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