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Pros and Cons of an Open Office – When to Use Office Furniture Partition

Businesses these days usually have two options when it comes to the floor plan, although they usually go for the one they know really well. This usually leads to blocking off space for each individual employee, using partitions if not concrete walls. However, there are a few businesses that choose the open office model over one that is partitioned.

Whether it’s because space is a premium, such as in countries like Singapore, or because business owners want to reap the advantages of the open office model. However, some others have found inherent disadvantages of this system worked against them. So they switched back to using office furniture partition Singapore instead.

So what are some advantages and disadvantages you can expect to see if you decide to use the open office model?

Advantage: It improves relationships.

Since there are no barriers between employees, it makes it easier for them to talk to one another – all they have to do is look up from the computer screen. It also makes collaboration easier, leading to teams working more efficiently.

Disadvantage: It means less privacy.

An employee’s work isn’t as private in an open office space, letting colleagues simply look over their shoulder. Not only can this be jarring for some, it can also be quite rude.

Advantage: It allows more light and air to circulate.

Having only the bare minimum number of walls means that light circulates more freely about the space. It also makes it easier to ventilate the office, helping to energise employees.

Disadvantage: Sound travels easier.

It isn’t just light and air that will go around a room, but sound as well. This doesn’t bode well for employees who need to concentrate on their work, but can’t listen to music during work hours for obvious reasons.

That said, offices these days have a third option. They can keep a larger portion of the office open, where most of the work is done. But they can also block off private spaces for meetings and, say, personal telephone calls using office furniture partition Singapore.

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