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Giving Your Home a Complete Makeover

Renovating your home in stages should be your approach if you’re new to the process, but if this isn’t your first time around the block and you’re sure of yourself, there’s no better way to revamp your flat or house and keep the new look consistent throughout than a complete makeover.

The process can be disruptive and lengthy, and you will have to find alternative digs during the remodelling, depending on how grand your dream is.

The success of your complete home renovation, however, is down to your finding a reliable general contractor or interior designer to manage the entire project.

A solid contractor or ID you can trust will do more than just take orders and perform them. With a project of this scale, there’s no point cutting corners and paying peanuts as you’ll end up with monkeys.

Think of your contractor or ID as your general on the front-lines. You don’t want an infantryman who’ll be run over by an onslaught of problems.

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Bedroom renovation work is the first thing most guys pencil in on their wish lists, while women zoom in on kitchen renovations. Don’t worry, it’s not just you; it’s the same the world over.

The first thing you should consider, however, is a toilet renovation, given plumbing issues with older homes.

  1. Bathroom Renovation, Toilet Renovation
    The average person goes to the bathroom six times a day, so make sure you address your physical and spiritual needs with this space.
    Pick aesthetically pleasing fixtures over crap ones won’t make you or your guests dread visiting the toilet. Maximise the space in your bathrooms by using found space, and make sure things fit, and that you can fit comfortably into the bathtub or shower – go ahead, sit in the tub before buying it. Size does matter, after all
  2. Bedroom Renovation
    Stick with classic colours – you don’t want to go all black and leather, unless you want to stay single. Adding windows will enhance the bedroom considerably, especially during the day – you only need black-out curtains if you plan on afternoon naps. And make space for a lounge chair or sofa to make the room more inviting – think of how comfortable seating enhances five-star hotel rooms.
  3. Kitchen Renovation
    Good food is cooked in well organised and appealing kitchens. Even if you can’t fit in an island, you should plan for a dedicated food preparation space. Store away what you don’t need with custom cabinetry, and we cannot recommend corner cabinets enough as excellent space savers. Kitchens are more often than not “nerve centres” of homes, with fridges doubling up as notice boards, so plan accordingly even if you’re not crazy about cooking.
  4. Window Renovation
    Not all windows are equal. The standard sliding or louver windows in older HDB flats limit views of the outside and are prime targets for replacement by new owners, with bi-folds the favoured type as the open up more fully than even casement windows. Sliding windows are required by the BCA if the window opens up to a common corridor, you should note.
  5. Staircase Renovation
    If you’re the proud owner of a maisonette or landed property with more than one floor, the staircase is more than just a functional means of access. It’s a feature worth showing off.
    While grand staircases may seem more at home in big bungalows, wrought-iron railings can turn any staircase into decorative accent. The space beneath the staircase can even be converted into a second storeroom with simple wood panelling, which is a huge bonus in any Singaporean home.
  6. Flooring Renovation
    Replacing those plain white ceramic tiles to rich parquet or marble is the simplest way to change the feel or a room. Consider the function of the room before determining your style – parquet for the kitchen makes no sense, after all.
  7. Ceiling Renovation
    An essential if you’re in an older home, to address cracking plaster overhead and even piping concerns. A false ceiling is a fuss-free and inexpensive way to make any room cosier, as opposed to vast spaces overhead that help living rooms and hallways. With recessed lights and features, ceilings can transform the feel of a room for better or worse – cornices, for instance, are overdone and tacky but if you like them, we won’t judge.
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Complete home renovations are not only disruptive for homeowners and their families but for neighbours as well – perhaps more so with landed property.

Before looking up any landed renovation services, take note of Government guidelines issued in 2012 by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Noise and dust control, facades, as well as the placement of air-conditioning units are covered in the circular, which the authorities say are only advisory guidelines.

The guide was issued as an increasingly number of Singaporeans opting to tear down the buildings and perform complete overhauls of their landed properties.

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