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Restaurant Renovation Singapore

Lucky for budding restaurateurs, Singaporeans are mad about food and their top criteria is quality, followed by value for money. With ambience a distant fourth behind service standards, F&B operators could afford to skimp on renovating their restaurants.

Unless you’re planning on a hawker stall, that won’t cut it any longer as the restaurant scene has been transformed over the past decade with Singapore becoming the most expensive city in the world (in terms of expatriate cost of living).

With more cosmopolitan palates and Singaporeans always willing to spend on food, we’ve had Michelin star chefs opening restaurants at Marina Bay Sands and cafes in Chinatown, artisanal coffeeshops taking over neighbourhoods like Tiong Bahru and more fine dining enclaves such as Rochester Park and Dempsey Hill mushrooming across the island.

For Starters, Check The Menu

Ambience is no longer a by-the-way consideration for restaurants. The design of your eatery is essential to creating a personality for your space and food, and could make a difference between diners asking for the check after the appetiser or lingering long after dessert – and we all know what queues outside the door mean to Singaporean foodies.

The food is still the first priority, and your menu should be the first consideration in planning your restaurant renovation. Your cuisine will guide the style, while the range of dishes offered will determine how much kitchen space you will need for equipment and food preparation.

Get the latter consideration, the “back of house” requirements, sorted out before you design the look and feel of your establishment, especially if you’re remodelling to maximise your kitchen or to expand it.

If you’re operating a café in a small space of under 750 sq ft, consider doubling up refrigerators with counter space for food prep by installing only waist-height fridges and storing kitchenware in wall-mounted cabinets above.

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