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AMBERLYN, a personal banking manager in her late 20s, bought her two-bedroom condo unit on the resale market three years ago. She’s been dreaming of her perfect bathroom for just as long. She got as far as looking up home renovation services in Singapore online and asking friends for referrals, but no further. And so her dream bathroom – with an antique bathtub next to a window overseeing the park next door, with adjoining walk-in wardrobe – has remained just that, a dream. The problem is that Amberlyn can’t bear the thought of having to move out for three months while contractors overhaul her entire unit, and finding time in her busy schedule to supervise the work. The solution is so simple that it’s easily overlooked: Just renovate the bathroom over one-to-two weeks, and leave the rest for another time.

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Homeowners often hold off on their improvement plans thinking that renovating their home means overhauling the entire home. It’s a common misperception that it’s cheaper to do the bathroom, kitchen, living room, store room, hallway and patio all at one shot.

It’s often not, you’ll be surprised; the larger the scale of your project, the greater the potential for problems. There’s also the cost of having to rent for three months or more, and disruption to your daily routine.

Taking it one step at a time will also allow you to get savvier at home improvements before you take on a larger-scale revamp of your whole home.

You’ll also get to work with contractors and interior designers who are specialists in different areas – think of them as auditions before you decide to continue the working relationship with future projects.

So if you’re in the same boat as Amberlyn, start with our section on bathrooms, where you’ll find more expert advice and tips, and a list of specialists to tap on.

By the way, guys, Amberlyn might need some help supervising the renovation on her bathroom starting next month. She’s single, by the way.

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