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The Different Types Of Office Partition Screens

The offices or workplaces of today are a far cry from offices of the early days – box-shaped, and with an assembly-line atmosphere. In open, free-standing offices, however, employees often complain of the lack of personal space. That’s undoubtedly frustrating at times.

Thanks to modern office partitions, there’s now a semblance of privacy and order seen in most offices. In the workplace, office partition screens Singapore prevent distractions, properly dividing different departments. However, they don’t compromise productivity and inter-office harmony.

If you want this for your own office, take a look at the different types of partition screens.

Desk Dividing Screens

Desk dividing screens are popular items used in offices today.  These types of screens normally attach to the desktop, offering immediate privacy. Not only do they mark one’s space, but they also serve as the first acoustic block.

Free-Standing Screens

Free-standing office screens are often located near desks, storage areas, and seating, in order to create a zonal space. They offer further acoustic properties and writeable or else pinnable surfaces. They are also used next to print areas, to reduce the noise created by printers and other office equipment.

Today, you can find free-standing acoustic screens made with fabric and also glazed acrylic.

Mobile Screens

Similar to free-standing screens but fitted with casters, mobile screens are used in modular offices where the need to change the layout often exists. The screens usually have surfaces you can write on. They’re also often mixed with acoustic foam to decrease the level of sound.

Pods & Booths

Office pods and booths offer more private spaces for meetings, serious work or for making discreet, quick calls. These are commonly known as “third spaces” and are usually demountable too.

These types of office partition screens Singapore can also incorporate technologies like video conferencing and smart TV’s, as well as feature writeable surfaces. They also offer spaces for individual or team work.

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