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The Owner’s Role in Construction and Interior Design

Not all building contracts are about putting up new structures; some of them are relatively simple renovations – or at least, they should be. After all, you’re not constructing from scratch, but making changes to the interior to breathe new life into the space.

However, if something goes wrong along the way, the project can become a nightmare for all those involved. The owner of the project needs to remember that construction and interior design Singapore work together instead of separately. Someone can put up four walls and call it a room, but only an interior designer can make it comfortable.

Of course, the owner will have to do more than hire the right people. So if you’re having, say, your flat renovated or you’re considering having one built for you to sell or to rent, here are some things to remember when it comes to the interior design process.

  1. Be clear. Make sure the interior designer knows what you want for a certain room, or even for the whole building. Details like your budget, how you want the space to feel, and access to other areas of the building are all important.This will help the designer choose the right materials and fixtures, which will save time and money once floors, walls, and the like are installed.
  2. Look at the ambiance. Once the interior designer or a design team has done their research, they’ll often put together a mood board. This will tell you, at a quick glance, their ideas for colour palettes and the overall feel of the space. Whether you’re happy with it, or you want some changes done, let them know.
  3. Check out the space plan. The space plan shows how well people will move around within the room or building, and how it will all look put together. Let the designer know if something feels off to you.

Don’t worry about details like the tiles and door handles; when it comes to construction and interior design Singapore, those come last. You may have ideas, but it would still help to have the interior designer help you choose what will actually be used in the project.

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