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The Scope And Expected Costs Of Reinstatement Works

In the field of office or commercial space rentals, there’s one aspect that many people often overlook, and it’s “reinstatement work”. In essence, office or commercial reinstatement is brought about by the expiry of the lease period, or the need to move to a new office space.

Renting commercial space comes with contractual requirements, which usually require the tenant to reinstate the office to its initial condition at the end of the lease period. Given that, here’s a brief look at the scope and expected costs of reinstatement works Singapore.

The Scope Of Office/Commercial Reinstatement Work

Different offices or businesses have their own unique space requirements. Thus it’s quite common to see new tenants modifying the existing space to meet their requirements.

At the end of the lease period, one major responsibility is to get rid of all temporary fixtures and renovation done to the space. Since this needs to be accomplished within a short period of time, it helps to have a competent contractor.

A few of the common reinstatement work tasks include removing temporary false ceilings and drywall partitions, removing the laying floor finishes (vinyl, tiles cement screen and carpet, etc.). Removing wiring, electrical cables, data points and power points in the office space are part and parcel of this, as is hacking and demolishing walls and other concrete features.

Then there’s the removal of office furniture – chairs and tables, office partitions, work stations or cubicles and cabinets. If needed, this could extend to dismantling and removing windows, curtains and blinds, as well as painting the walls and ceiling back to its original colour.

The Expected Costs Of Reinstatement Work

When it comes to the costs of reinstatement work, there’s no standard or fixed price for it. The costs will all depend on factors like location, the size of the unit, and the extent of renovation. The available working hours, special requirements from the management and others are also factors.

For office or business owners, moving from one space or location to another is a tough task, especially when expected or required to reinstate the space they’re vacating. However, they can skip all the hassles by engaging with seasoned reinstatement works Singapore contractors!

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