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Timber Staircase Construction Singapore: Know More About Timber Staircase Construction

Timber prefabricated stairs are glued and bolted together and is therefore much safer and comfy for usage. All the parts are taken care of as a single system and these parts do not even rattle or squawk ant nay point of there make use of, as they compartments are held tight and prepares to utilize.

The staircase can be generated the type of a last completed design or it can likewise be given the area through parts and can be assembled together. The choice on the sort of shipping is entirely based on the maker.

All Timber Staircase Construction serve an effective function. However the option of lumber in the application will turn an effective structure component into a visually pleasing function. And while the building of stairs take a long time, the financial investment of time will be returned, with a well built lumber staircase usually long lasting years.


The most typical kind of stair building is home treads into stringers. Air travels might be built with ‘open treads’ without risers or ‘closed treads’ with riser boards. Open tread stairs are advised for external usage since they offer much better air blood circulations enabling exposed wood to dry quicker, therefore enhancing sturdiness.

Straight stairs

Straight stairs consist of a single air travel of stairs with parallel treads. This kind of stair, commonly utilized for domestic building, has no landing and might be confined in between 2 walls or developed versus one wall and the opposite open with balustrade and newels.

Pet dog leg stairs

Canine leg stairs are a newel stair having actually 2 air travels constructed at 180 degrees to each other from a half-space landing. The external string of the upper air travel is tenoned plumbed above the external string of the lower air travel and both to a single typical newel. This kind of stair is not typically made use of in real estate.

Newel stairs

Newel stairs are all stairs that consist of newel posts of their building. The newels support the hand rails and/or balustrade and might likewise support the landings and strings. See the image listed below.

Terms Used for Different Wood Stair Parts

You will likewise have to comprehend the terms utilized for the different wood stair parts, so here is an overview of a few of the terms that are utilized in a customized wood stair design.


The tread is the horizontal part of the staircase that is stepped on. The density of a tread is the same as other wood floor covering and the tread depth describes the range in between the vertical panels, called the risers, which sit in between each action.


The riser is the vertical panel that is positioned in between the treads. It forms the face of the action, however it might be missing on some customized wood stair designs, which would be called an open stair impact.


A stringer is the structural long piece of lumber that supports the treads, risers, timber stair balusters, and other parts of a staircase.


A baluster is a moded shaft that supports the handrails of a staircase.


Another fundamental part of the prefabricated staircase is a scroll shaped aspect. This is put at the start of the railing and is referred to as volute. It is an ornamental starter of the railing and is at the bottom of the staircase and is made use of to supply the appeal and stamina to the staircase.