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UPVC Windows Installation Singapore: What you need to know about window installation in Singapore

UPVC windows installation in Singapore comes with many benefits when compared to the other windows. For example, they have far more superior insulation properties and do not require lots of maintenance. The windows are very easier to clean meaning that they ensure that the worst climatic conditions remain outside and keep your home free from any diseases which result from moulds and germs. Unlike wood, UPVC windows are durable and never rot, corrode or even rust. Their good appearance and effectiveness will last for very many years.

In addition to the durability of these windows, they are also available in various finishes and styles which make them suitable for renovation projects and new constructions. Manufacturers produce them in various laminated colors that are more hardwearing compared with the ordinary paints. Overall, these windows guarantee an arresting appearance which can highly increase the beauty of any home. Furthermore, you can easily customize the windows to personal requirements.

UPVC windows installation Singapore

As with any other window installation, you will need some tools. You will need heavy duty gloves, tape measure, goggles, pencil, light hammer, masonry chisel, Philips screwdriver, light hammer, spirit level, hand drill, hammer drill and drill bits which include 8mm masonry drill, 8mm HSS drill, 3mm pilot drill, 3mm poll, 5mm clearance. Other tools you will need include spatula, tire lever, plastic bin, cross cut saw and skeleton gun.

Preparations before installing the window

UPVC windows aren’t load bearing and therefore you may need to include a lintel above the window. Before beginning the installation, you should consult a qualified fitter or even a surveyor especially if you aren’t certain. Then, check the style, the handing and the size of the window against the one you ordered. Before removing the existing window, check the opening size and remember that any new window should be approximately 10mm smaller in both height and width than the brick opening. Ensure that the working area is both clean and clear. After this, you should remove the existing window.

Fit the UPVC window

Place your window still profile on the brickwork such that the up-stand nicely snug against the jambs plasters line. Use the plastic packers to level the sill with around 5mm clearance in between it and the brickwork. Ensure that the sill is secure to brickwork using the 8x100mm fixing bolts fixed around 150mm from all ends and at 600 mm centers. Run a silicone bead along the back edge of sill up stand.

Using the superglue or silicone, secure all end caps. Then remove all glazing beads from this window and mark them appropriately to be sure that you can replace them to the original place. Fix the new window in place with the base fitted against the sill up stand. Use the spirit level to ensure that you have properly positioned the window. Then wedge the new window into position using plastic packers and ensure that the windows framework doesn’t bend.

Ensure that the window’s vents are open so that you can access the outer jambs. Secure the bottom of this window to the sill approximately 150mm from the internal corners and 600mm center thereafter. Ensure that you have bolted the jambs into the brickwork using the 8x100mm fixing bolts 150mm from all corners and +/-600mm center thereafter. The screw heads should not be standing as this may interfere with the glass installation. Close and lock opening sashes.

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