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Using Office Cubicle Partitions – 3 Great Benefits for Employees

These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an office that doesn’t use partitions to block off at least one area. Besides the obvious benefit of cost savings, they’re a good investment because of the time you can save if you have to change your office’s layout. Most often, you’d look at how such partitions can benefit you – but have you given thought to how they affect your employees?

You’re not the only person who stands to benefit from the use of movable office cubicle partitions Singapore, and if you already knew that then you’re one step closer to being a great employer. If you haven’t already invested in office partitions, here are a few ways they help your employees.

  1. They provide privacy without isolating the employee. Compared to concrete walls, partitions are a less isolating option; there are walls, but they still let sound travel. The employee still knows what’s going on around them, until they zone out while working.
    Cubicles, also known as half eight office partitions, aren’t as tall as floor-to-ceiling partitions. Therefore, all it takes for an employee to contact a colleague is for them to stand up and look over one wall or the other.
  2. They reinforce the concept of personal space. The fourth wall in a cubicle is usually half the width of the other three walls, making it easy for one to get in and out. However, just these simple barriers give the employee a sense of having their own personal workspace. They can chat with fellow employees just outside the cubicle, then step back in to continue working.
  3. They maximise space without sacrificing employee comfort. Since cubicles usually contain enough space for a desk and small filing cabinet, employees don’t feel trapped. Again, all they have to do to contact another person is to look over the cubicle wall.

Having their own space also invites them to put little personal touches in their surroundings. Since office cubicle partitions Singapore are usually made of cloth, making it easy to pin, say, photos to the ‘wall’ without causing permanent damage.