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Walk in Wardrobe Accessories Singapore: 5 Extremely Helpful Walk in Wardrobe Accessories

Designing a room, be it bedroom, living room, or kitchen shouldn’t be too hard – unless it’s really your first time designing one of these. Designing what goes in those rooms, however, is a different story. Not everyone has a degree in interior design, woodworking or whatever else is related to furniture.

With walk in wardrobes, you’re designing something that’s part room, part furniture – so what’s someone to do if they don’t have the experience for either of them? There’s no need to panic; you just need to know how to maximise space while making the wardrobe look sharp. Here’s a look at several helpful walk in wardrobe accessories Singapore.

Shoe carousel.

This accessory works really well if there’s a tricky corner to your wardrobe, and if you have more pairs of shoes than available shelves. Hanging them up on something that’s meant to hold shoes keeps them from becoming deformed. You also get more shelves to store your bags and larger accessories that you can’t put in drawers.

Anything retractable.

If you can push it back into the wall when you’re done, it’s a great addition to your walk in wardrobe. Retractable hanger rods, for instance, help make sure you have enough space to move around in when you finish choosing, say, your top or trousers.

Adjustable shelves.

If you can change the height of the shelf to accommodate the item, the less you need to spend for custom wooden shelving. Another advantage to adjustable shelves is that you can store them when you don’t need them.

Drawer divider.

Say you have several large drawers; use a divider to break them further into smaller compartments, and you’ll be able to store more in them. You won’t have to worry about the items getting all mixed up, either.

Peg boards.

You won’t find these under walk in wardrobe accessories Singapore, but they’re still great for helping you make the most of your blank wall space. They’re especially helpful for accessories like necklaces, which can get tangled, or headgear that can lose their shape.