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Walk in Wardrobe Doors – Choose One to Fit Your Needs

When you have a free-standing wardrobe, you don’t need to agonise over the kind of door you get with it, and it’s a detail you won’t have to worry about in any case. Designing a walk in wardrobe, whether you’re refurbishing one or converting a small spare room, calls for attention to such detail. After all, the type of door you use can create a different feel for your wardrobe.

No matter the size of your wardrobe, there are certain walk in wardrobe doors Singapore that can really pull the design together, and make it easier for you to pick out your next outfit.


This is the most basic of wardrobe doors, and you can use it both outside and inside the wardrobe. While it can look boring to some, it’s a classic pick, especially when you choose a dark finish to contrast with, say, light-coloured walls.


Having mirrored doors inside your walk in wardrobe means you don’t need a separate mirror, freeing up space on the floor and table top. These also help bounce back light, illuminating the space further and making it look more chic overall. This also helps you see the outfit as a whole without having to duck in and out of the wardrobe to change.


A great idea for smaller walk in wardrobes, sliding doors don’t take up a lot of space when you open them. You can even use a really wide sliding door to cover half of the display when you really don’t need the clothing in that half until later in the year.


A combination of regular panelled doors and sliding ones, these allow you to look through only the compartments you need. Instead of having multiple sliding doors next to one another, you can opt for a folding door.

Remember that the walk in wardrobe doors Singapore you choose will depend on the overall design of your wardrobe, and the doors in the rest of your home.