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Essential Walk In Wardrobe Furniture Singapore

A walk in wardrobe is a walk in wardrobe, right? Essentially, you’re putting your clothes on display in order for you to better choose your outfit for the day. You don’t really need a lot of extra furniture in it, or it could become cluttered.

With the right walk in wardrobe furniture Singapore, however, you can avoid cluttering the space while ensuring you’re making the most of it and not just throwing in odds and ends. Here’s a brief look at what you’ll want in your own walk in wardrobe, if you don’t already have it.

Ottoman. It comes in handy when you have several options and you want your hands free to hold things; simply lay your trouser, skirt, or shirt options on it while you browse your racks further. You’ll also be thankful for it when putting on shoes or boots.

If your wardrobe isn’t that big, there’s no sense to get a large, bulky one; try looking for one that opens at the top so you can really maximise space. But if you have enough space, try getting a large round one that you can put in the middle of the wardrobe.

Vanity table.

If space allows, and you have your jewellery in the wardrobe, then you can do your make-up while in your walk in wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be free-standing, either; you can have it built in the middle of the shelves, with adequate lighting on top.


It’s not really a piece of furniture, but having a window in your wardrobe helps you in the light department. You’ll be able to see which pieces go together best, now that you have natural light to show how they would look. If a window isn’t available, opt for recessed lamps that save space while brightening it.

Remember – walk in wardrobe furniture Singapore is supposed to enhance and compliment the space, not make it difficult to work in. So see what your needs are first, and plan your furniture accordingly.