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Walk In Wardrobe Shelving Singapore: Cool Ideas On How To Create DIY Walk In Wardrobe Shelving

Despite soaring real estate prices and home rentals, and shrinking residential spaces, many homeowners still wish they could have their own walk in closets. A walk in closet is defined  as “a very large closet that’s big enough for a person to enter, and is often as large as a small room”. They differ from normal closets, which are not large enough to enter. If you’d like to maximize your closet space, by adding or constructing shelves, here are a couple of helpful ideas on how to create DIY walk-in wardrobe shelving.

Measure Closet & Rip Shelving

The first step towards creating DIY Walk In Wardrobe Shelving Singapore, is to measure your closet, remove the existing shelf and hanging rod, then measure the closet to determine the length needed for the shelves.

The DIY closet shelves can be made from plywood, solid wood or composite materials like medium-density fiberboard. While solid wood is definitely much stronger (and doesn’t sag), composite material and plywood cost less.

1. Cut Shelves & Cleats To Length

Once the shelving has been ripped to width, draw a line across it with a framing square, and use a circular saw to cross-cut the shelves to its proper length. Next, cut cleats to length. Usually cut from solid 1 x 2 lumber, wooden cleats are used for supporting the shelves along the back and sides. Make sure the side cleats are long enough to safely attach a stud at each end.

Use A Paint Roller To Prime & Paint Shelves

To save time, and not create a mess, use a good-quality paint roller to prime and pain the shelves outside. Leave the newly-painted shelves outside to dry, after which use a paint brush to prime and paint the cleats before installation.

2. Measure Cleat Height, Draw Lines For Cleats, & Locate Studs

The next step would be to measure up from the floor and mark the height you’d like each cleat. Use a level to draw lines across the back and sides of the closet walls for the cleats, and use a stud finder to locate wall studs, then mark them on the wall just above the cleat lines.

3. Attach Cleats, Install Shelves & Other Added Support

The next step would be to nail or screw the cleats to the studs, with the top of the cleat flush with the lines. Position the shelves in place on top of the cleats, and to keep the shelves from sagging, try installing a metal bracket in the center under each shelf, or glue and nail a piece of 1 x 2 lumber to each shelve’s front edge.

While conventional closets only have hanging rods and a single shelf above it, modern Walk In Wardrobe Shelving Singapore systems maximize the available space, through the use of shelves and other innovative storage solutions!