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Washroom Renovation Singapore Made – Simple with These Tips

Conducting a washroom renovation Singapore style, can be an exciting idea. Before jumping right in to choose the latest bathtub design, shower head or the latest tiles there are some important things to consider. To ensure that your bathroom renovation runs smooth, there are a few tips which you must follow to ensure that your project turns out just the way you had dreamt it to be.

Tips for successful washroom renovation in Singapore


Setting a budget beforehand is an important task. It is very easy to overspend while you’re busy in the renovation process. To avoid any last minute regrets, it is better you set out a budget for your bathroom renovation plan. Having a clearer sense on the expenditure expended on fixtures and tiles is always beneficial.

Being aware of time:

People always assume that renovating a small bathroom will hardly take a few days. This is not necessarily the case. A larger bathroom may take as much time to renovate as a smaller bathroom. Depending on the total number of items that have to be changed, like tiles, fixtures and plumbing, the entire process may take a while. That is why it is imperative that you plan out the whole washroom renovation Singapore process with your contractor to avoid any hassles.

Work sequence:

Planning an orderly sequence of events and schedule in which the work will take place is imperative to avoid mistakes and errors. This effectively reduces the time taken for cleaning up. The sequence should be renovating the ceiling, then the walls, then the floor which leads to minimum damage to all functioning components.

Correct measurements:

There are three major limitations that really matter in the bathroom renovation process. These three are measurements of the total size of the bathroom, the preexisting location of the plumbing and lastly the electrical wiring system. Before going to buy products for the renovation, make sure that the correct measurements of all these dimensions are taken correctly to prevent errors.

Hiring a good contractor:

Hiring a good contractor is half the job done. With certain complexities like wiring, tiling and plumbing which you cannot handle yourself the contractor is the perfect option for you. It is sure to save you loads of misery as well as time.

Lighting considerations:

A bathroom can look drab and boring without adequate lighting. Hence planning a functional lighting design is downright necessary. Initially you should plan to maximize the natural light, and then you should look at incandescent lighting for optimum results.


Have a good ventilation system is crucial to have in a wet bathroom. It is a tricky task which can only be done by experts. Choosing the right fan, the right place to install it and electrical wiring is important. Otherwise you will be left with a damp and moldy floor which is undesirable for anyone.

Finally after all the installations and the arrangements, the bathroom should be given a final clean. All the cabinets, floors, ceilings windows and light fixtures should be cleaned inside out to give you the best results possible.