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Facts about Window Renovation Singapore

Window renovation in Singapore is not a new thing. In fact thousands of people usually renovate their windows to improve appearance of their home each year.

Window is a very important component in your home because it allow light into your house besides giving you protection. However if you notice that your windows are making weird noise, then it is probably time to renovate them.

Why renovate your windows?

Windows are very important component of your house.

In fact, windows are the most visible component of your house. As a result it is very important to always ensure that they are in good condition.

Long gone are the days when new bathroom or kitchen would wow a buyer into overlooking the importance of considering household equipment such as windows.

In fact, according to information that was released by a leading real estate agency in Singapore, window renovation Singapore is one of the top five inquires made by people who are looking for houses to buy or rent.

Renovating your windows can create curb appeal besides making your home’s exterior fresh and appealing.

How to tell if your window need renovation.

There are various sign that can tell you if your windows need renovation. They include

  • Rot or mold
  • Cracks
  • Drafts
  • Condensation or fogging

Important factors to consider when buying new windows

  • Energy efficient
    When buying new windows to renovate your house, it is very important to choose those that are energy efficient. Energy efficient windows will greatly help to lower your energy bills because they will prevent heat loss.
  • Reliability
    How reliable are the windows that you are just about to buy? One good way of knowing that you are just about to buy a reliable window, is warranty. If the manufacture offers warranty for the product of more than one year, than chances are that you are buying a reliable window.
  • Geographic requirements
    Different climate have different window needs. When buying windows to renovate your home, it is very important to place special focus in geographical requirements of your area when choosing the material to use.
  • Security
    Security is a very important factor that you should not take for granted when buying window to renovate your home. Only buy windows that will make you and your family feel secure while at home.

Other important facts that you should also consider include privacy, noise reduction and issues such as moisture and termites.

How long does it take to renovate windows?

The answer to this questions varies; window renovation can take as little as one hour to even a month. The duration actually varies depending with number of windows that you are planning to renovate. More windows means more time and less windows means less time.

How much does it cost to renovate windows in Singapore?

The cost of renovating windows in Singapore varies depending on the number of windows that you are planning to renovate, the quality of materials that you are planning to use, the style as well as the cost charged by the contractor. For instance, windows made with high quality materials will cost more than those with made from low quality materials.