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Reasons for Window Screen Installation Singapore

In order to keep insects and mosquitoes to of your residential or commercial establishment in Singapore, window screen installation Singapore is an important step. The screens made of fine wire mesh are installed on the windows to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and insects in your home along with keeping your kids and pets safe in the guarded interior of your home. These screens can be designed in various sizes and forms as per the design of your windows.

In order to maintain high levels of hygiene within your premises, you will have to spend time to clean its each and every corner. You will have to wipe the floors and sweep out dust from your house to maintain a comfortable and friendly environment in it.

But even after all these efforts you can find mosquitoes, flies and various other small insects in your home which have flown in when the door or windows are kept ajar. The eradication of these pests is essential as they not only cause irritation but also increase the risk of various fatal and infectious diseases. Main problem for most of the people in Singapore is to keep the doors and windows of their home and commercial places open at least for some time to let in the fresh air.

In order to keep away these insects, mosquitoes and flies one has to focus on proper window screen installation Singapore. The insect screens made of various types of materials including fibre glass, metal wire and synthetic fibre are used in Singapore for this purpose. To keep the insects and mosquitoes along with birds, debris and leaves out of the house these screens are installed by stretching over the windows.

DIY window screens

Various types advanced DIY window insect screens are also available in Singapore these days to protect people from various epidemics like dengue etc. Some of these DIY screens include magnetic insect screens and the screens made of PVC strips and fibre glass.

These screens can be customised as per the size of your windows and doors so that they can be installed on them directly. Moreover PVC screens are available in White, Grey, Black, Coffee and Green colours from which you can chose according to you preferences and the internal decor of your house. Fibre glass screens are made of SGS certified non-toxic and non-combustible materials.

Benefits of installing DIY window insect screens

  • They are easy to install
  • The screens made of fibre glass mesh are durable and free from rot, rust, shrink and stretch
  • DIY insect screen are removable and washable.
  • They are suitable for most types of windows type
  • Mesh screens improve the ventilation of the premise without being visible considerably

All items required for installing DIY screen are provided with the kit except the pair of scissors which you will have to arrange yourself

So the window screen installation Singapore becomes necessary to protect your residential or commercial building from harmful and annoying insects. You can choose from various types of screens available in the market to provide elegant looks to your house along with protecting its environment.