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Window Shutter Installation Singapore: What you Need to Know

Most people usually choose to install window shutters on their window’s exterior or interior so that they can add visual appeal in their homes,. Basically, window shutters when installed properly can add color and texture to your home’s exterior as well as interior. Be aware that exterior shutters are often available in a variety of different materials, ranging from metal to wood to plastic.

It is therefore important that you do a thorough research first if you want to install window shutters so that you can be in a position to find the one that matches with the décor of your home. This write up will provide you with window shutter installation tips that you should put into consideration if you’re leaving in Singapore.

Window Shutter Installation Singapore: Tips that you Should Consider When Installing Window Shutters

Things you will Need

Below is a list of tools you will need if you want to install a window shutter yourself.

  1. Power screwdriver
  2. Mallet
  3. Screws
  4. Power drill
  5. Level
  6. Tape measure

Tip#1: Measuring the Sides of the Window Shutters:

Measure carefully along the sides of the window shutter and try to make some marks in accordance with the guidelines offered by the shutter manufacturers. Use the power drill to drill holes on the marks you’ve placed on the window shutters.

Tip#2: Determining Placement:

Hold the shutter carefully next to your window so that you can be able to determine placement. In order to be accurate in whatever you’re doing, you’ll be required to measure the distance from to edge of your window to the top of the shutter you’re installing. This will enable you be sure that the shutter you’re installing will perfectly fit in your window.

Generally, in case you find out that the measurements are differing, it’s ideal that you adjust your shutter down or up so that you can be able to centre it to your window.

Tip#3: Positioning a Level:

Vertically place the level along the side of your shutter in order to check for plumb. In case you find out that the level’s bubble is not in place i.e. out of the centre mark, carefully try to adjust your shutter till the bubble centre.

Tip#4: Placing the Drill:

Place your drill on the marks you’ve made and drill carefully through the sliding to a depth which matches with the length of the screws you’ll use to tighten your shutters. If you’re installing shutters on masonry surfaces, set masonry anchors properly into the holes by using a mallet to tap them.

Tip#5: Aligning the Shutters:

Align your shutters with the masonry anchors or drilled holes. Place the screws carefully through the pre- drilled shutter holes and use your power screw driver to sink the screws. Once you’re done, you will then be required to place the screw caps on the heads of the screws and then press them in place in order to hide the screw heads. Don’t you think that window installation is in deed an easy task that you can handle by yourself?

Last, but not least, if you think you cannot handle the aforementioned window installation steps by yourself, it’s advisable that you look for any reliable company in Singapore that deals with window installation and seek for their assistance. Thank you.